The GAMEPLAYGAG: BETWEEN SILENT FILM AND NEW MEDIA videos were first edited in 2008 by Manuel Garin, who currently works at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, as Assistant Professor in Film and Media Studies. In 2012 he defended his PhD thesis on visual humor, later published as a book: El gag visual. De Buster Keaton a Super Mario (Cátedra, 2014). He has been visiting scholar at the Tokyo University of The Arts, the University of Southern California and Columbia University. As a film historian, he has published several articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals such as International Journal of Cultural Studies, Communication & Society, Feminist Media Studies or L’ Atalante, and has contributed to books edited by Oxford University Press, MIT Press, ABC-Clio or Mimesis. He is currently developing the digital humanities project A Hundred Busters: Keaton Across The Arts, focused on the influence of Buster Keaton in other artists during the last century.